Introduction of Industrial Base

Location Advantage

Changshu Garments Town of China is situated in Changshu, a beautiful city in the south of Changjiang River. The Town locates in east coastal districts of China, where are the core commercial circles of Yangtze River Delta Areas. Changshu has the most developed three-dimensional traffic network among the similar coastal cities of China, as well as intercity railway, several expressways, national highways, provincial highways, elevated high-speed roads around the city, light railways,etc. International light rail and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway are also about to put into operation. Changshu has already become an important traffic hub and logistics center which connect the north and south in Eastern China.

Changshu Port is 20 kilometers away from the Garments Town. It is a national open port of first-class, which has already set up links of trade and transportation with 91 ports of 31 countries and regions. Exporting Clothing through Changshu Port is both convenient and efficient.

Industrial Advantage

Changshu Garments Town was founded in 1985, with an area of 3.71 square kilometers. The business area of market is 3.08 million square meters, which consists of 35 large-scale specialized wholesale markets. There are over 30 thousand shops in the town. At peak periods, the average daily flow of the town reaches up to over 300 thousand person, the daily cash flow over 2.038 billion RMB, average daily volume of goods transported over 10 thousand tons.

Since 2007, Changshu Garments Town was awarded successively as Chinese Men's Clothing Center, Chinese Women's Clothing Center, Chinese Kids' Clothing Center, Chinese Shoes' Center and other titles. It also won "Outstanding Contribution Award", "National Credible Demonstration Market" and other honor. At the same time, Garments Town is the National AAAA Level Tourism Shopping Area, Demonstrative Business Circle with Chinese Characteristics, incubation base of Chinese clothing brands, the top 10 market business circle with best investment potential in national system of commodity trading market.

Quality Inspection Platform

The Commodity Inspection Center of Changshu Garments Town is a joint venture set up by the Garments Town and Suzhou Fiber Inspection Institute. In 2010, it was brought into the National Garments Silk Testing Center Integrated Office. At present,the center has inspection ability and authorization of 135 products and 79 parameters, which can carry out inspection of clothing safety, hygiene and ecological projects according to international standards. The inspection covers 98% of garment products.

Financial Service Platform

There are 44 network of 13 financial organizations in the Garments Town, which create a financing guarantee system made up by a state owned and 5 civilian owned organizations. In recent years, Garments Town innovates ways of financial service, carries out "stores use rights pledge loan" business with financial organizations and promotes scaled development of small and micro businesses.