About Garment Town

Since its establishment in May, 1985, Changshu Garments Town has become state's largest specialized market. It's one of the first 35 key markets in China and modern service industry clusters in Jiangsu Province. Since 2007, Changshu Garments Town was rewarded China Men's Wear Center, China Women's Wear Center, China Children's Wear Center and China Shoes Center by China Textile Industry Federation and China Commercial Federation. ln 2007, we were recognized as national 4A grade shopping tourist attraction, in 2009, we were awarded as "Chinese characteristics of Commercial Street". In 2010, we were granted the name of "National advanced group for Textile Industry "by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the PRC and China Textile Industry Federation. in 2011, we were cited as"National advanced group in building market of integrity" by State Administration for Industry & Commerce of the PRC.

Changshu Garments Town covers an area of 3.71 square kilometers with 8 administrative market area, including investment market, textile trading market, shoes center, cloth market, hardware market, commodity market, fashion center, men's center. Besides, it has more than 20 private markets, such as international fashion market, Tianhong fashion market, etc. The market total business area of over 3 million square meters, with more than 100,000 merchants have settled in, the market will have 300,000 daily passenger trips with over more than 3000 tons cargos during peak time, with daily cash flow exceeding 1.9 billion yuan. The market turnover more than 80 billion RMB of goods in 2011.


Changshu Garments Town of China can be divided into 5 parts: men's clothing, women's clothing, kid's clothing, dress and adornment and mating raw and subsidiary materials.

Through 27 years construction, Changshu Garments Town of China has been built into carrier-class platform of Chinese Clothing Industry. From designing to supplying of raw and subsidiary materials, from producing to accomplishment of trading, a perfect industry chain has been formed, which incubates and hatches about 30 Chinese famous brands and well-known trademarks.

Service system

There are 13 functional departments in this area, such as industrial and commercial department, city management, transportation, national tax, local tax, police station, traffic police, technological supervision, fire control institution and sanitary control. Besides, Garments Town management committee is in charge of comprehensive administration for market and area as an institution sent by government.

Changshu Garments Town is always paying more attention to the culture construction of this region. There are many leisure culture squares inside region, which enriches people's life. In addition, as a national 4A-level scenic spot of shopping tourism market, It has been set up a tourist reception center with the function of tourist reception, leisure, shopping and so on.

Zhongfu E-Commerce Industrial Park

Zhongfu E-Commerce Industrial Park, of which phase one planned area is 14,000 square meters, is to make full use of industrial resources and build an ecological circle of e-commerce for local online businesspersons, individual pioneer or job hunter and upstream and downstream industry chains. Meantime, the park is scheduled to develop into a modern service industry cluster which is characterized by e-commerce based outsourcing and software service.

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